Thursday, 3 May 2018

Viking day photos

We wouldn't normally Blog so quickly again but we have decided that these photo will remind you of all the activities you did.  reports.

Please find the homework instructions below, as a few children left their homework behind on their desks!

Year 3 homework week beginning 30.4.18
On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have our Viking day. We had a wonderful time  learning lots of interesting facts. We would like the children to combine their skills of English and History and create a chronological report of their day. We have covered these skills in English, last term, and we have listed the success criteria below and the children have a Viking template worksheet, which is optional. We are more than happy for this report to be typed (to practicing word processing skills) and for a picture to be drawn.
Opening that introduces the reader to the subject.
Chunks of information, organised with subheadings
Ending – amazing point relating to your favourite part of the day.
Language features
To use generalisers effectively such as ‘most, many, some, a few and the majority’
Connectives to add information-furthermore, also, moreover additionally
Subject specific and technical vocabulary
Past tense
First person
Detailed description
Different sentence types

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