Friday, 9 February 2018

A well deserved half term break

Well done Year 3 for a fabulous half term. We have certainly covered a great deal of work and hopefully had some fun whilst doing it. We have enjoyed our 'View from a Window' big bang; learnt loads about the human body, skeleton and healthy eating; completed our maths unit on measurement; created superhero dances and so much more in just seven weeks. However, looking at the children and teachers this morning, we feel everyone is ready to recharge their batteries.

This week we also enjoyed Internet safety day where the children had assemblies, discussions and then activities in class to reinforce just how important it is to think responsibly when playing online. You could ask your child what they did for Internet Safety day and see what they remember.

Below we have included some fun links that if your child happens to find themselves at a loose end this holiday, they may enjoy. 

Measurement games

Grammar games

Mental maths practise

Next term we will enjoy more of the same but with a few changes. You also have our class assembly to look forward to.

Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you all in a week, after some rest.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team

Friday, 2 February 2018

A View from a Window and food good enough to eat!

Thank you for the superb effort with the children's homework of creating your own food plate. The responses were brilliant and we were thrilled to see the detail, effort and creativity that had gone into creating them. Please see the photos below for some of the plates that came into school. I think you'll agree they look good enough to eat!

On Monday we went on a walk in the local area. Our aim was to heighten the children's awareness of their world around them. On our walk we spotted signs, clues, people and lots of other geographical features both human and physical. Back in the classroom, the children talked about their findings and observations and had clearly gleamed a great deal from the trip. It was a character building trip too, as the great British Weather showed its true colours with a short but powerful downpour! Why not ask the children if they can tell you the difference between human and physical features in geography?

In class this week we have started a new unit in English, which is how to write an adventure story and in Maths we have continued to look at money and learnt how to add pounds and pence together using the column method. 

The adventure story we are looking at together is called 'The Tunnel'. It is an adventure story about two siblings. Why not ask your child if they enjoyed the story? What was their favourite part? Would they change the ending? Please see below for the link to the slide share if you wish to read it again at home. 

In Science we have continued to look at the human and animal skeletons and learnt about endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydro skeletons. We then moved onto joints in the human body and learnt the names of the four joints and where in the body we will find them. There is more online to explore if your child would like to discover more, just follow the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend. If it is becoming difficult to wake in the morning, don't worry because half term is just around the corner!

The Year 3 Team