Friday, 5 December 2014

Next Week

Monday -dress rehearsal of 'The Most Magical Place of All' to school. Don't forget your costume and learn your lines for the songs and play.

Tuesday - Egyptian Day - another chance to wear your Egyptian costume. A fun day is planned.

Wednesday - Performance in the afternoon and evening. Come back to school at 6.10pm

Notices for the last week of term

Grandparents tea party - letters came home yesterday. 16th December Tuesday

17th Christmas parties in the afternoon - bring your party clothes.

19th - End of term - early finish 2pm

Well done for all your hard work this week with rehearsals. It's been a busy week putting on a show in a week, but I think your parents will be proud of your performance.

We have squeezed in some Literacy this week too. We had fun performing our playscripts to each other and have been writing instructions for Christmas decorations and art work.

We hope to see many of you at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday.

Have a great weekend

The Year 3 team

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lights, camera, action...

Next Week

Don't forget you will need assembly costumes in school from Monday. If anyone has a white doctor's lab coat we can borrow, please bring in.
We have been very impressed how well you have learnt your lines and parts. Please keep practising speaking clearly and with volume at home.

On Wednesday am we will perform our assembly to the school and on Thursday at 9.10 to parents and families.

Don't forget Friday 28th  is our occasional day and the school will be closed.

Well done to the children who came to an audition this week, for main parts in the Christmas Play. We were very impressed with the effort you had put in to learn and perform a few lines. We have chosen some parts but there is still plenty of speaking parts to get everyone involved.

In English, we will continue our work on playscripts next week, using fairy tales as our stimlus. Talk through your idea for a 'twisted' fairy tale with a grown up and see what they think.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 3 team

Friday, 14 November 2014

Next week 

Anti- Bullying week- if you have any letter stencils they may help with an activity we will do in school on Tuesday so please bring them in.

Homework this week is to learn your words for the class assembly and practise the song at home.

We are short on glue sticks. Please bring one in if you have one at home. Remember to put your name on it!

We are planning to have auditions for bigger parts in the Christmas play. If you are a budding actress or would like to sing a solo listen out for further details this week. You can prepare something to perform if you would like. (A reading or a song)

Well done for all you efforts with assessments this week. It has been a lot of sitting in silence completing tests, but we hope you have enjoyed the more creative afternoon activities we have done.

Back to normal lessons next week and in Literacy we will begin looking at playscripts; specifically The Princess and the Pea. Do you have a version of this classic story at home, that you would like to share?

In Maths we will be focusing on the 4 rules of number.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 3 team .

Friday, 7 November 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel.


Next week we will begin thinking about our class assembly. You will have come home today with your script, so pleased start to learn your words.

Here is a link to the song we will be singing,so you can start practising.

It would be great if as many of you as possible could come dressed in Egyptian themed costumes for the assembly and of course you will get to use them again for our Egyptian Day on 9th December.

We will perform the assembly to the school on Wednesday 26th November ( dress rehearsal) and then again to parents and families on Thursday 27th November 9.10am.

Other news

The teachers have enjoyed reading your stories this week related to the story "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne.

If you want to read any other Anthony Browne books here is a link to show you what other books he has written. Perhaps something to put on your Christmas list!!

Formerly an artist, Anthony Browne's books are full of wonderful details that will keep you fascinated.

Well done to you all for the enthusiasm you have shown in the topics we have been learning about it school. It's lovely to see many of you bringing in things from home to show and finding out about trips you have been on to support your learning.
Next term we will be starting a Geography topic based on the immediate environment around the school. If you have any relatives who have been living in the area along time or know of a neighbour who is particularly knowledgeable on the area, ask them what it was like 30 or 50 years ago around Crabtree Schools?

Next week will be a bit of a 'show us what you can do' week. The teachers are looking for you to showing off all your new skills in reading, writing and maths in some planned tests.

Have a lovely weekend.

We hope you get to enjoy some fireworks but remember to stay safe.

The Year 3 teachers.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Here our some pictures to show the great time we had making sedimentary rock sandwiches and having an inspiring talk from Mrs Gilham.


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Muddle is Max in a.

No special notices for next week. 

The teachers really enjoyed reading your writing based on "The Hodgeheg" this week. We particularly liked the description of different settings from Max's point of view. Here is a sample;

Max found himself in a strange place. There were lots of little monsters silently writing on pieces of paper. On a door there was a colourful rainbow. On the rainbow there was red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. A big monster had a desk with a bin as stinky as a bog. "I'm scared," whispered Max to himself. Everyone was rocking on their chairs. Up down up down. Max nearly got squashed! He tried to push a door open but a girl saw him! "Mrs Meredith," the girl screeched! Max tried to run but the teacher saw him. A boy caught him and gave Max to a teacher. "Let's get you some freedom," said the teacher. 

(Charlotte D Rowan)

Max found himself in strange place. There were tables with small humans leaning over them. There was also a large human speaking to the smaller humans in a language he didn't understand one bit! The tables were about ten hedgehogs tall. Max noticed that the smaller humans were all wearing the same clothes as each other! Around the room were some exquisite displays and decorations pinned up on the walls and there was also a circle with numbers and two arrows moving round very, very, very slowly to the right. Also there was a place where there were coats, bags, jumpers and hats. 

(Alastair Cedar)

Next week we will continue reading "The Hodgeheg" by Dick King Smith.

In Science, we have some fun things planned involving some yummy foods and a special visitor!

Here are some photos from this week's Science, where we were looking at different soil types.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Meredith & Mrs Wright

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Competition Time!

First of all, it was lovely to see everyone on Tuesday for the parents' consultation evening. We hope you found it as useful as we did.

Now onto business...

House Art competition: As you all know, Mrs Wright has organised a competition that invites you to create a piece of 2D artwork based on the work of Roald Dahl. The deadline for entries, previously the 10th, has now been extended to 17th October. See the poster in the classroom for more information.

Christmas Poster Competition: Entries also due in on 17th October to Mrs Wright. Winners will be invited to turn on the Christmas lights and the winning poster will be used as the design for the official Mayor's Christmas card so do get those entries in!

Homework due in: Monday 6th October - English, Maths (via the Mymaths website) and a spelling test.

Stars of the Week: A massive well done to Eva of Cedar and Alex of Rowan who are the proud owners of the 'gold cushion'. Keep up the good work, you two!

Friday 10th October: We are celebrating Roald Dahl Day in school, so we look forward to seeing you all dressed as a character from your favourite book.

School Council reps: Congratulations to Libby and Luke in Cedar and Jasleen and Ralph in Rowan! The official badges are on their way to you. We are sure you will be fantastic representatives of Year 3.

We've had a very busy week in Year 3 as usual. In maths, we've been learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them onto Venn and Carroll diagrams and in English we've been working as newspaper journalists, writing reports on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. As usual, we can't wait to see how your writing is progressing! We all had a very creative afternoon on Friday, with Cedar starting their Egyptian shaduf artwork and Rowan making green thinking hat 'messy cakes'. It was a great end to the week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mrs Wright and Mrs Meredith.

Friday, 26 September 2014

What is a shaduf?

Next week

Please bring in a small yoghurt pot on Monday so that we can make 3D shaduf pictures.

Please bring in a 3D shaped item that you can find around the house. It could be a cube, cuboid, pyramid etc.

Stars of the Week - Adam Brooks in Rowan. William Belcher - Cedar. Well done to you both.

Parent 'settling in' consultation - Tuesday 29th September. 3.30 - 7.30. Please be aware that we will try very hard to stick to the 5 minutes slots allocated and that the purpose of the evening is to let your parents know how well you are settling in to life in the juniors and for them to give us any insight as to how you are finding Year 3.

Another busy week has gone by in Year 3. In English we have been writing recounts and putting ourselves in the 1st person as Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Here is a flavour of our diary entries;

23 November 1922

Lord Carnavon arrived with his daughter Evelyn. I told him we were ready. As we were getting down the step I told him there might be tomb robbers. Then we carried on going. 

Soon we met a wall. I made a hole in the wall. He asked me if I could see anything at all. I told him yes 'wonderful things'. I made the hole bigger so we could get in. 

As we went in all was silent. We were all amazed. There was a load of gold and furniture. We all wanted to go on. 


Next week we will be having a go at writing a news report on the discovery.

In maths, we will be learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and some telling of the time. Please have a practise at home.

In Science we have continued investigating the properties of rocks. What can you remember about which rock fizzed when vinegar was placed on it?
Here is the link to the rocks and soils virtual investigation we also looked at. Have a go at the quiz too.

Thursday was also very exciting for the whole school as we had the opportunity to vote just like our parents do, in proper voting booths! We were voting for our school council reps and head boy and head girl.

Thanks to Mrs Clements for organising the booths. It made it feel very special.

Finally, some of you are very well organised already with a whiteboard pen, pencil, rubber, glue stick and red pen for responding. It does make lessons run more smoothly if you can make sure you have these things in a named pencil case at the start of each lesson. Mrs Wright and I will be looking out for children who come well prepared for lessons and there maybe house points awarded so check your personal kit this weekend!

Have a great weekend

The Year 3 team.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Rock on!

Next Week –

Homework  due in: Monday 22ndEnglish and Maths. Spelling Test.

Stars of the Week – As we were out of school on Friday, the Year 3 Stars of the week will be announced during an assembly next week. Watch this space!

Friday 26th – European Day of Languages 2014. This year we will be focusing on a country where French is an official language. The chosen country for each class is yet to be revealed! We will spend the afternoon learning about the country and speaking some French, of course!

A HUGE well done to everyone in Year 3 for the fantastic musical instruments! We are very impressed with your creativity and the effort you have put in to making them. We are so proud to have some great examples on display in the main hall. We just wish there was room for all of them!

Our trip to the Barking Outdoor Learning Centre on Friday was certainly a success! Thank you to all of the Year 3 children for your sensible behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the day. Also, a big thank you to the parent helpers who accompanied us on the trip, your help was very much appreciated and we hope you enjoyed it. And weren’t we lucky with the unexpected blast of sunshine!

The day consisted of a rock hunt, analysing different types of soil and some very messy artwork! Here are some photos from the day:

Year 3 – can you remember all the rock names and types that we found on the rock hunt? We’ll be looking at rocks much more over the coming weeks so any knowledge you have gained will come in very useful!

On another note, in English next week, we will be starting our new unit looking at ‘recounts’ (newspaper reports, diary entries etc.) Please spend some time having a look at newspaper reports at home so you get an idea of how they are written and how they are presented. Are they written in the present or past tense? In maths, we will be working on addition and subtraction. If you fancy a practice at home, have a go at adding numbers together in your head without writing anything down!

See you all on Monday.

Mrs Wright and Mrs Meredith 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Big Bang!

Next Week - 

Big Bang - start to our topic. Some fun activities planned for this week's Creative curriculum lesson. Nothing required from home. No costume.

Friday 19th - Rocks and Soils Workshop - Barking - Come in long sleeves/trousers (non-uniform) and wellies. Bring a packed lunch.

Star of the Week - Amy - Rowan. Gautham - Cedar. Congratulations to you both. enjoy sitting on your special gold cushion!!

P.E - Please remember those shin pads and football socks. Don't forget to practise tying your laces over the weekend!

Everyone is very impressed with the new Year 3! There have been many teachers working with you this week, including Miss Thomas, Mrs Moxham and Madam Bailkie who have all commented on your excellent behaviour and attitude to your learning. Fantastic job Year 3.

In English we will be continuing our theme of Fables next week and having a go at writing our own. In maths we will be working on addition and subtraction. Have a practise this weekend and make sure you are super fast at number bonds to 20 and beyond.

Hope you have a great weekend.

We look forward to seeing your musical instruments on Monday!

Mrs Meredith and Mrs Wright

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Well done to all the children in Year 3 for such a fantastic start to the new school year and a new school.

The children have to take on board a lot of new information in these three short days and to their credit they are all settling in brilliantly.

We have already begun introducing the children to our first English topic of  Fables this week and will continue with this theme for the next two weeks. If the children would like to bring in any books of their own related to fables, we would be very pleased to allow them to share with the rest of the class.

In Mathematics we will be moving in to our new streamed groups as of Monday. The intial topic for both groups will be place value.

More detailed information about life in Year 3 will be given at our Meet the Teacher meeting on Thursday. We hope many of you will be able to make it. However, we will be placing slides on the site if you are unable to attend.

The Year 3 team

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A busy but enjoyable week!

It has been a busy and exciting week for Year 3 this week! On Monday, we had a wonderful awards assembly to celebrate the children’s achievements this academic year. Well done to Alex Russell and Adam McCarthy for winning the Pupil Voice award, Gracie Coates for winning the music award and Hardie Roberts for winning the art award. All the children have worked hard this year and even if they did not win an award, they should all be proud of their achievements. We are all winners!

Tuesday evening was Crabtree Junior’s opening evening and all the classrooms looked stunning! Well done to all the children, they have worked hard to create some beautiful pieces of writing, art work, clay models and photo frames which were displayed that evening. Thank you for all those who attended and a big thank you to Year 3 who sang ‘Let it Go’ beautifully that evening!

This Friday will be Year 3’s final P.E lesson so P.E kits, trainers and football boots can go home from then onwards.

This week there is no homework or spellings but next Wednesday we will be sending home some Geography homework which will be expected back in September by their new teacher.

School will finish for summer next Wednesday at 2pm.

It has been a wonderful and enjoyable year and on behalf of all the Year 3 team, we would like to thank you for all your support over the year.

We hope you have an enjoyable and restful summer!



The Year 3 team


Friday, 4 July 2014


We have had lots of fun this week in Literacy, looking at persuasive writing through the context of advertising. The children have had some great ideas for slogans and catchphrases and have even made their own TV advert! We certainly have some budding marketing professionals in Year 3.

We will continue the theme next week and the children will be writing persuasive letters to parents. Watch this space!

In Science we have been investigating the magnetism of different materials. Attached here is a clip for making a magnet or a compass. It would be great if anyone could have a go over the weekend and let us know if they were able to get any of these to work.

Just to remind you it will be the last swimming lesson on Monday. Two children in Rowan have lots some of their belongings. Ollie Clarke managed to come back in the wrong pair of school shorts. His pair were named, so could please check your washing piles and check that they haven't got mixed up with your child's?
William West has lost swimming trunks and goggles, which were also named. We do regularly remind the children to put all their clothes in their bags when changing, but could we ask that at the very least on swimming days all items are named to help avoid confusion.

Next week looks set to be fun with sport's day on Wednesday. We hope that some of you will be able to cheer the children on in the afternoon events. Also, on Thursday  there will be a chance to meet next year's teacher!!

We will also be fitting in the construction of a photograph frame for our DT project. Could the children bring in a favourite photograph to place in their frame for Thursday next week please?

Have a great weekend

The Year 3 team

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Back to the routine!

It has been a very busy few weeks with assessment week and multi-cultural week but this week we have settled back into the normal routine of the timetabled lessons. The children have been given homework and spellings this week and should be completed as normal.

The literacy homework this week is to find an advert from a magazine or on the internet which illustrates a toy which you would NOT recommend others to buy because it is too expensive or too dangerous or not practical etc. The advert should be a cut out and not stuck into the home work journals as we shall be starting to look at adverts and persuasive writing next week.

Year 3 have also started a new Science topic called Magnets and Springs. Next week we shall be conducting an experiment to identify which materials and metals are magnetic. If you could possibly bring in a metal object which could be tested in our experiment it would be greatly appreciated. We shall be conducting the experiment on Tuesday.

Next Friday 4th July, the Junior school shall be hosting an Art Exhibition displaying the children’s work which they created during multi-cultural week. The exhibition shall begin at 3pm until 4pm and take place in your child’s classroom. The picture which your child created will be displayed in a frame with a title and their name. If you would like to purchase your child’s framed work it will be £5. The money is going towards the resources used to create the artwork and towards the artists Angela and Liz who were hired to come in during multi-cultural week to do an art workshop with each class to create this lovely piece of art work. A letter was sent home this week and the children have created their own invitations to give you on Friday. We hope to see you there!


Have a lovely weekend and we hope you can join us at the school fete this Saturday!


Mrs Meredith and Miss Shefford

Friday, 20 June 2014


I hope the children have enjoyed this week as much as the teachers. It has been great fun learning all about Brazil and observing the children participate in a range of creative activities.

In Year 3 the topics included; the location of Brazil and the people that live there, weather and climate, children in Favelas, Carnival and music, traditional sweets and foods, the Amazon Rainforest and sports. Thank you to all the parents for your wonderful food contributions. It made snack time more interesting for a few days!

Reading Records
Thank you to the children who regularly bring in their reading records on a Monday morning. Apologies from the Year 3 team that we haven't always managed to keep up with the system that we put in place.
As we are drawing close to the end of the year, we have decided that it would be better if the children keep recording any reading done at home on a daily basis and that we will take all reading records in on the 14th July (not at all before then). At this stage, we will calculate any outstanding certificates and award those before the end of the school year. So please keep reading!

Also, we wish to make you aware that if your child does not follow the school rules for walking down to the swimming pool at Aldwickbury on Mondays, then there is a possibility that they could be walked back to school and will have to miss their lesson. We appreciate that it is quite a long way, but after several reminders there are still a handful of children who are not consistently walking sensibly and quietly with their partner to the pool. We would appreciate your support with this matter.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Meredith & Miss Shefford

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The children have worked really hard on their assessments this week and we will let you know their progression in their reports which shall be sent home in July.

We have got lots of exciting things planned for the next few weeks, starting with next week which is our multi-cultural week which is based on Brazil.

We have started to do some research on Brazil in ICT lessons using a search engine effectively which the children are really enthusiastic and excited about!

Just a reminder the homework this week is to create a Brazilian food dish and bring it in Wednesday 18th June. This is an optional activity but it would be nice if everyone could take part. We will have a taster session on Wednesday morning in class! Please remember if you are creating a dish that there are no nuts due to allergies.

There will not be any maths homework or spellings sent home this week or next due to assessment week and multi-cultural week.

Also, could you please bring in an empty, clean tin can (of any size) for Wednesday as we shall be making drums during the afternoon!

Next Friday afternoon there shall be a Carnival presentation where I’m sure you will get to see some of the lovely work produced that week. Information to follow shortly.

Please make sure your child has a water bottle and sun hat in school.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the lovely weather!

Mrs Meredith and Miss Shefford

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Welcome back

We hope that you all had a restful holiday and that the children are ready for a fun packed final half term in Year 3.

This week the children have been looking at Non-Chronological Reports in Literacy , specifically focusing on reviews of computer games. This week for homework we are asking the children to practise writing their own reviews using the headings given.

The children can have a play of this game, which we will evaluate in school.

Next week is assessment week and the children will be sitting a range of tests to assess their progress in Maths, Reading, Writing, Science and Spelling. It would be helpful if the children can make sure they have the necessary equipment in school i.e. a sharp pencil and a rubber.

Also, for some light relief in the afternoon, we will be beginning a new project of photograph frames. If the children could bring a photograph frame for next Thursday (12th) for us to evaluate that would be very helpful.

The week after next is Multicultural Week  (week beginning 16th June) and this year's theme is Brazil. We are hoping to make some drums, Could the children please bring in a tin can, the type used for baked beans. Any size will do, although ideally the larger the better.

Thank you in anticipation for your help

Mrs Meredith & Miss Shefford

Friday, 16 May 2014

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Year 3 blog! Apologies that there wasn’t a written blog last week but the entire blog had somehow been deleted!

I understand that some of you may have had problems logging onto the MyMaths homework set last week by Miss Shefford and Mrs Meredith. As both classes were trying to access the site, the site can sometimes fill up and not allow other users to log on. Also, it is important once you have completed your homework on MyMaths that you log off so others can log on.

This week in Literacy we have been writing adventure stories based on ghosts in Hangman’s wood. The children had some lovely ideas which they completed in their planning for last week’s homework. We have been using these plans this week to write the 5-parts of the story each day. The children have been very enthusiastic about writing their own adventure stories based on ghosts and they have all produced fantastic stories using lots of description and dialogue to engage the reader.

One example I have chosen is by Greg Clark in Cedar,

They say that in Hangman’s wood there are ghosts. Peter Fisher didn’t believe that tale. That is, not until he went walking there…

Minutes later, Peter was standing staring right into the wood. HANGMAN’S WOOD. Slowly, he tiptoed into the wood. He could feel his heart thumping as he reached the heart of the wood. Just then, Peter spied a figure, he ran ahead curious to find out who it was..

“Who’s there?” cried Peter with terror.

Peter looked on, horrible thoughts were swirling around his head. What was he going to do? Suddenly, Peter heard a faint noise echoing through the woods. There is was again.


This week we have also been blessed with beautiful sunny weather so we spent our Science lesson outside looking at shadows and how they change in size and colour as the day moves on. Next week we shall be using shadows to create silhouette pictures in Art.

Next week is a shorter week as we finish on Wednesday at 3.15pm for half term.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Meredith and Miss Shefford

Wednesday, 14 May 2014