Friday, 27 April 2018

Welcome back to the summer term

We've been back at school for a fortnight now and everyone has settled into the swing of things. We have started a new maths topic of Geometry, where we are learning about turns, angles, 2d and 3d properties of shape. Encourage your child to have a go on the game below if they want to have a practise at recognising sizes of angles and their names.

Types of angles

In English we have started a text type called Persuasive writing. The children started the unit off by looking at leaflets and identifying the language that made them want to visit the places. The children now know this is called 'emotive' language, like magnificent or fabulous. Why not ask your children if they can give you another example? We wrote a persuasive leaflet for a place called Hawk Ridge Park Farm. It had lots to do there including seeing the brilliant bat's cave and amazing amusements. The children started to notice other features of this text type like alliteration, rhetorical questions and personal pronouns. They then created their own fun place to visit and had to persuade people to come. You may notice they have been practising persuasion when they next want to stay up late or buy a new toy, some of them were very convincing!

In Science we have started our new unit of Forces and magnets, which they are all really enjoying. It is a really practical unit and on Tuesday this week we were testing how cars moved on different surfaces. Why not ask them which material created the most and least friction? Maybe try this BBC science game below to have some fun reinforcing what we did?

Forces in action

The highlight of this week has to be the Grandparents tea party. It was brilliant to see your children so delighted to perform to their Grandparents and equally as lovely to see the response from their audience. Despite the technology letting us down, the children performed with great enthusiasm and showed patience and resilience when it wasn't quite going as practised. Well done Year 3, you made us really proud.