Friday, 16 May 2014

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Year 3 blog! Apologies that there wasn’t a written blog last week but the entire blog had somehow been deleted!

I understand that some of you may have had problems logging onto the MyMaths homework set last week by Miss Shefford and Mrs Meredith. As both classes were trying to access the site, the site can sometimes fill up and not allow other users to log on. Also, it is important once you have completed your homework on MyMaths that you log off so others can log on.

This week in Literacy we have been writing adventure stories based on ghosts in Hangman’s wood. The children had some lovely ideas which they completed in their planning for last week’s homework. We have been using these plans this week to write the 5-parts of the story each day. The children have been very enthusiastic about writing their own adventure stories based on ghosts and they have all produced fantastic stories using lots of description and dialogue to engage the reader.

One example I have chosen is by Greg Clark in Cedar,

They say that in Hangman’s wood there are ghosts. Peter Fisher didn’t believe that tale. That is, not until he went walking there…

Minutes later, Peter was standing staring right into the wood. HANGMAN’S WOOD. Slowly, he tiptoed into the wood. He could feel his heart thumping as he reached the heart of the wood. Just then, Peter spied a figure, he ran ahead curious to find out who it was..

“Who’s there?” cried Peter with terror.

Peter looked on, horrible thoughts were swirling around his head. What was he going to do? Suddenly, Peter heard a faint noise echoing through the woods. There is was again.


This week we have also been blessed with beautiful sunny weather so we spent our Science lesson outside looking at shadows and how they change in size and colour as the day moves on. Next week we shall be using shadows to create silhouette pictures in Art.

Next week is a shorter week as we finish on Wednesday at 3.15pm for half term.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Meredith and Miss Shefford

Wednesday, 14 May 2014