Friday, 16 March 2018

Life in Year 3

We have had a  busy couple of weeks. Last week, we got to enjoy a fabulous assembly and the week before was book week. This week we have been enjoying and enduring assessments and they are nearly all over, just a writing assessment to go. The children had three maths tests (2 on reasoning and one on arithmetic), a spelling test, grammar test and a reading comprehension. The children took them all in their stride and rose to the occasion. Well done all of year 3. 

Some example questions in grammar would have been...

Sarah rode her bike down the street. 
Can you identify the verb?

Quickly, run to the bridge shouted Steve
Can you add the inverted commas to show what was said?

All the children listened when the Head teacher spoke.
Can you underline the subordinate clause?

Some example questions in Maths would have been...

Complete sequences by counting by sixths

12    ____     ______  30    36   42

  Write the number that is ...
   100 less  than 765

What is the number that is...

10 less than 134

10 more than 467

Next week we start the week with a celebration of Science. It is Science week nationally, and we are spending a day experimenting, exploring  and trying to explain why things happen. In Year 3 our theme is 'Colour Magic'. We will be using household products like Bicarbonate of soda, cornflour, white vinegar and food colouring to name a few and seeing what happens and when. Then we will try to explain the science behind it.

In addition to classroom activities, we are lucky enough to have the 'Mad Science' company coming into school to entertain and thrill the children with an exciting assembly. They are here to excite us with science but also to promote their new Science Club that will be open to all Crabtree junior children, at a small cost. Who knows maybe we have a budding Einstein or Katherine Harrington amongst us!

Not only is there Science day next week but there is also a wonderful Gym display to be enjoyed that year 5 and 6 have been working on. The whole school is watching it on Tuesday morning.

In the last week of school, there is the Eisteddfod festival.  This is a fabulous way for the children to display their talents in art and crafts, music, dance or some other hobby. It is a wonderful week, which everyone thoroughly enjoys. The children encouraged to bring in a cushion from home, as they spend a couple of afternoons sitting on the hall floor! 

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks for Parent Consultations.

The Year 3 Team

Friday, 2 March 2018

Jigsaw creative afternoon and Book day!

We hope you enjoy reading our Blog. 

Photos of Rowan will be added next week as there was a technical hitch, please bear with us.
Creating our bug hotels

Concentrating on accurately painting

Creating a bug's play area with artificial grass and mini bug stones.

 A very natural bug hotel with sticks and real moss. A real haven for any mini beast!

Creating a tree house to decorate our garden.

Creating model animals to decorate our gardens.

A weatherproof bug hotel to protect them from the elements!

Teamwork and co-operation

A greenhouse creation for our garden.

Willy Wonka

Corella and a cute Dalmatian

Our little Irish dancing girl

Where's Wally?

Who's under those wigs?

Billionaire boy!

'Where for art thou Juliet?'

Beware of the woods!

What's in the diary?

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!'

'I'd love a marmalade sandwich!'

'Show us your teeth, unless you're toothless!'

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks doing fun activities. We are currently studying non-chronological report writing in English and using Ricky Gervais 'Flanimals' as our stimulus. In Maths we have revisited fractions and in Science we have started a new topic called 'Plants'. However, it is difficult to see new growth emerging underneath all this snow! We have started practising our assembly songs and words and you're in for a real treat next Friday. Let's hope this snow doesn't last for long though as we do need some practising time, so do be patient with us. 

For homework this week we would like the children to learn their words for the assembly and their song words, which we have put on this blog in case anyone has mislaid them.

Happy practising and we look forward to seeing you all on Friday morning at 9am.

Keep safe in the snow but enjoy it.
The Year 3 Team

Food groups are rockin’

Food groups are rockin tonight x 2
Everybody’s feeling alright
Food groups are rockin tonight
We’re gonna have some fun
When breakfast comes
’Cause food groups are rockin tonight.

Vegetables like broccoli,
Peas and Brussels sprouts,
Keep our bodies healthy from the inside out!
We need dairy every day,
Like milk and cottage cheese,
To keep our bones growing strong
So we don’t get weak at the knees.

Food groups are rockin tonight x 2
Everybody’s feeling alright
Food groups are rockin tonight
We’re gonna have some fun
When lunch comes
’Cause food groups are rockin tonight.

Apples, bananas, and oranges are fruits
That taste so sweet.
But don’t let them fool you.
They’ve got lots of vitamin C.
Grains to give us energy like cereal and bread.
The fuel you’re body needs to burn
Just like your ‘momma’ said.

Food groups are rockin tonight x 2
Everybody’s feeling alright
Food groups are rockin tonight
We’re gonna have some fun
When dinner comes
’Cause food groups are rockin tonight.

You’ve got to have some protein
Like chicken, fish and steak.
It helps you build strong muscles
So you can play all day.

Eat a little from each food group
Every single day,
If you do, I promise you
You’ll chase those blues away.

Food groups are rockin tonight x 2
Everybody’s feeling alright
Food groups are rockin tonight
We’re gonna have some fun
When dinner comes
’Cause food groups are rockin tonight.

Name those bones.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.
I have a cranium, for my brainium.
And a mandible that's, my jawbone.
And there's my clavicle, that's my collarbone.
And my sternum keeps my ribs at home.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.
All my vertebrae are running down my back
From my head to my pelvic bone.
My femur fits in there, a leg bone I declare
It's the longest bone that I have grown.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.
Patella fits in next, that's my kneecap,
And below it are two more leg bones.
My tibia in front, my fibula in back,
Keep me running at school or home.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.
Now moving down my arm, let's start with humerus
Followed by two more arm bones.
There's an ulna and a radius
My ulna makes up my elbow bone.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.
All my fingers, all my toes,
They're called phalanges, everybody knows.
And on my back you'll find, two shoulder blades in line,
We call them scapula every time.
Name those bones.
Name those bones.

Friday, 9 February 2018

A well deserved half term break

Well done Year 3 for a fabulous half term. We have certainly covered a great deal of work and hopefully had some fun whilst doing it. We have enjoyed our 'View from a Window' big bang; learnt loads about the human body, skeleton and healthy eating; completed our maths unit on measurement; created superhero dances and so much more in just seven weeks. However, looking at the children and teachers this morning, we feel everyone is ready to recharge their batteries.

This week we also enjoyed Internet safety day where the children had assemblies, discussions and then activities in class to reinforce just how important it is to think responsibly when playing online. You could ask your child what they did for Internet Safety day and see what they remember.

Below we have included some fun links that if your child happens to find themselves at a loose end this holiday, they may enjoy. 

Measurement games

Grammar games

Mental maths practise

Next term we will enjoy more of the same but with a few changes. You also have our class assembly to look forward to.

Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you all in a week, after some rest.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team

Friday, 2 February 2018

A View from a Window and food good enough to eat!

Thank you for the superb effort with the children's homework of creating your own food plate. The responses were brilliant and we were thrilled to see the detail, effort and creativity that had gone into creating them. Please see the photos below for some of the plates that came into school. I think you'll agree they look good enough to eat!

On Monday we went on a walk in the local area. Our aim was to heighten the children's awareness of their world around them. On our walk we spotted signs, clues, people and lots of other geographical features both human and physical. Back in the classroom, the children talked about their findings and observations and had clearly gleamed a great deal from the trip. It was a character building trip too, as the great British Weather showed its true colours with a short but powerful downpour! Why not ask the children if they can tell you the difference between human and physical features in geography?

In class this week we have started a new unit in English, which is how to write an adventure story and in Maths we have continued to look at money and learnt how to add pounds and pence together using the column method. 

The adventure story we are looking at together is called 'The Tunnel'. It is an adventure story about two siblings. Why not ask your child if they enjoyed the story? What was their favourite part? Would they change the ending? Please see below for the link to the slide share if you wish to read it again at home. 

In Science we have continued to look at the human and animal skeletons and learnt about endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydro skeletons. We then moved onto joints in the human body and learnt the names of the four joints and where in the body we will find them. There is more online to explore if your child would like to discover more, just follow the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend. If it is becoming difficult to wake in the morning, don't worry because half term is just around the corner!

The Year 3 Team

Saturday, 20 January 2018

January 2018

Three weeks into term and life in Year 3 is very busy, but we are hoping it's fun to. We have introduced a new behaviour system into the school and the children are responding well to the new approach. It is a 'Peg Reward Chart' where every child's peg starts on the same rung of the ladder (something to be proud of) and during the day their peg hopefully moves up in increments towards Class role model. We have already had lots of class role models, which is a delight to see. Well done Year 3.

In English we are looking at Explanation texts. The children have secured a good structure of what the text type needs and are now in the process of producing an independent piece of writing about 'The Human Skeleton'. Why not ask your child what the key features are of an explanation text or perhaps can they treat you to some facts about their skeleton. They all really enjoyed using the laptops and IPads on Thursday to research this topic.

In Maths, we are continuing with the topic of measure. We have moved onto time and the children have been learning about analogue, digital and 24 hour clocks. Please see the link below if you child likes consolidating their learning by playing a time game online.

Hickory Dickory Clock

We have linked our English to our Science lessons and the children really enjoyed cutting out and building their own Human Skeleton in their book and labelling it. Why not ask them if they can remember any of the names of the bones and what bones protect what parts of the body? See the link below to practise building a human skeleton online.

Build your own Human Skeleton

In PE the children have been doing indoor athletics and creating their own superhero dance. Mrs Tizard and Miss Weaver are both really impressed at their creative skills and speed in athletics. Well done Year 3.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend, despite the weather!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog.
The Year 3 team

Friday, 5 January 2018

Welcome back and a happy new year!

Welcome back to the Spring term in Year 3. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. The children all settled back brilliantly on Thursday and we were thrilled to see that they hadn't forgotten the routines, rules and our expectations. In Maths we started our unit of measure, beginning with length. In English we started with a couple of grammar lesson and will begin our unit of Explanation texts on Monday. In PE the children started dance and today they began their new Creative Curriculum unit of 'A View from a Window'. Over the Christmas holidays we had asked the children to show us their view from a window. The two pictures below by Archie and Katya, respectively, show you what a lovely treat we had looking at them all. We are currently mounting them ready for a class display, so please feel free to come and look at the children's work.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog, we look forward to working with your children during the Spring term. Please remember that our school has an open door policy and we are always here if you need to discuss anything. However, after school is better for us as mornings are very hectic.

We are thrilled to welcome Mrs Ballie Lane and Mrs Holt to our team and please join us in wishing Miss Clements good luck on her new teaching adventure.

Have a great weekend
From the Year 3 Team
Mrs Mercer, Mrs Gaines, Mrs Ballie Lane, Mrs Holt, Mrs Usher, Mrs Gill and Mrs Woods.