Monday, 28 May 2018

Happy Half Term

This half term has been really busy. We have started our swimming lessons at Aldwickbury; invited our Grandparents to a tea party; enjoyed a sponsored colour run; some of us went speed stacking; dressed up as Vikings; experienced our first book fair; created some art work for a display; had a street party to celebrate Megan and Harry's wedding and we still had time for English, Maths, Science and other subjects too. 

In English we have been working hard on a 5 part warning story. We listened to an exemplar story written by Pie Corbett and then we planned our own, using some of his ideas. Please read below for some of our lines. We tried to vary our openers, add noun phrases and included figurative language like similes. 

At that very moment, a storm raged. Rain patterned down on the soggy, wet floor, which was as hard as a rock. I knew this would happen because it had been brewing all morning. 

When they were playing tag, they both ran at full speed like jaguars. They raced around the cracked slide, turned sharp corners and shot like bullets through the old, metal obstacle course.

And then a fire started, but it was quickly putout because of the rain. Suddenly the car and caravan started to move extremely fast. Ethan could see Simon's face, it was as pale as a fish.

The two terrified girls had heard a growling sound from the bushes. They got out of the long, abandoned car. All was silent.

Inside the giant scary tomb, they could smell stinky food, hear ghastly haunted ghosts but they could see light at the end of the tomb.

Sophie S
Golden, brown hay, white, stone walls , clear, glass windows and a few plants scattered around the place. Amber spotted a horse. It was sort of caramel colour with a soft chocolate mane and beautiful toffee hooves. 

Suddenly, they spotted a glint of silver on the floor. Cautiously, they approached it, they did it slowly because they weren't sure that it wasn't an animal's teeth. To their delight, it was two torches!

In Maths we have worked hard on learning about statistics- tables, bar graphs and pictograms. We were able to make tally charts, answer questions from graphs and draw bar graphs and pictograms of our own.

In Computing we continued to look at how to present our work and learnt how to create a PowerPoint. By the end of the unit we were able to add new slides, add fancy transitions, add text, change fonts, add pictures and text boxes and change backgrounds. We decided to set this as the children's homework for half term. Please see below.

Year 3 Half Term Homework

In computing we have been working on our presentation skills and have learnt how to use PowerPoint as a tool. We have learnt how to add text, add photos from the internet, change text, add new slides, alter the background and most recently use the transitions to add that extra sparkle for our audience. We would like the children to think of a topic that interests them, perhaps something they could teach their peers about, and then present it. We are suggesting a minimum of three slides and a maximum of five slides.


The first fortnight back after half term is assessments and during the afternoons we would like the children to present their PowerPoints to their peers. This skill of speaking and listening is an essential part of the English curriculum. To avoid losing memory sticks we have decided that we would like you to send it to this email address –

so we can access the children’s work without bombarding the school office!

In Science the children completed their unit of Forces and magnetism, which they really enjoyed. They learnt lots of new vocabulary, practiced using the magnets to verify their thinking and completed the unit by making up their own magnetic game. Why not ask your child what game they created with their friends and was it successful?

That's all for now, except to wish you all a wonderful half term. Enjoy the weather and keep safe. Thank you for all your continued support.

The Year 3 team





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