Friday, 29 June 2018

Good afternoon

Over the last fortnight year 3 have continued to work hard, despite the weather. We have been fortunate enough to be able to go on the field, which has been great to have so much area to play in. This week though, as the temperatures rose, children were allowed to go into the shaded hall at lunch to calmly watch a film, instead of playing in the hat. Thank you to all the parents who have sent their children in with a hat and drinks bottle, it's really beneficial for the children to have both of these during this heatwave.

In English we have started a new unit called 'Take a Book', which is where we read a whole text, discuss it and use it as a prompt for our writing, like a stimulus. We chose a delightful text written by Michael Morpurgo called 'The Morning I met a whale'. The children have really enjoyed the story, which is based on true facts, where a bottle nosed whale gets stranded in the River Thames. The event happened in 2006 and the rescue operation was televised. 

The children wrote a diary from Michael's perspective (the main character in the Morpurgo book); then they wrote a newspaper report from the event and included quotes from onlookers. Later next week, they will write their third text type from this unit in the form of a letter to environmentalists expressing their concerns for the whale population and how it could be helped. 

Thames whale rescue

Thames Whale rescue televised

In Maths we have revised fractions from the beginning, as this was an area that we identified from the assessments that year 3 could revisit and consolidate further. We are pleased to say that they are understanding more about fractions.

Fractions practise

Equivalent fractions

In Science, we have continued looking at light and dark and have enjoyed lots of practical experiments where we have tested torches on different materials and lots more. Hopefully, next week we will get outside, whilst it is still glorious weather and create our own shadows.

We have had lots of fun in computing. We have created our own iMovie's where we planned what we were going to film and say and then recorded it. Next week, we are going to watch and evaluate each others work. I wonder if they'll be an Oscars awarded? 

Reminder for sports day (Tuesday 3rd July):
The children should come to school dressed in their PE Kits please and wearing a T-shirt in their house colour. 
They must all have a sun hat to wear and please apply sun cream in the morning- it is going to be a hot day!
Please note house colours have now changed:

Jupiter – Green

Saturn – Red
Mars – Yellow
Neptune – Blue

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Year 3 Team 

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