Saturday, 20 January 2018

January 2018

Three weeks into term and life in Year 3 is very busy, but we are hoping it's fun to. We have introduced a new behaviour system into the school and the children are responding well to the new approach. It is a 'Peg Reward Chart' where every child's peg starts on the same rung of the ladder (something to be proud of) and during the day their peg hopefully moves up in increments towards Class role model. We have already had lots of class role models, which is a delight to see. Well done Year 3.

In English we are looking at Explanation texts. The children have secured a good structure of what the text type needs and are now in the process of producing an independent piece of writing about 'The Human Skeleton'. Why not ask your child what the key features are of an explanation text or perhaps can they treat you to some facts about their skeleton. They all really enjoyed using the laptops and IPads on Thursday to research this topic.

In Maths, we are continuing with the topic of measure. We have moved onto time and the children have been learning about analogue, digital and 24 hour clocks. Please see the link below if you child likes consolidating their learning by playing a time game online.

Hickory Dickory Clock

We have linked our English to our Science lessons and the children really enjoyed cutting out and building their own Human Skeleton in their book and labelling it. Why not ask them if they can remember any of the names of the bones and what bones protect what parts of the body? See the link below to practise building a human skeleton online.

Build your own Human Skeleton

In PE the children have been doing indoor athletics and creating their own superhero dance. Mrs Tizard and Miss Weaver are both really impressed at their creative skills and speed in athletics. Well done Year 3.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend, despite the weather!

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The Year 3 team

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