Friday, 15 December 2017

We weren't expecting that much snow!

During the last fortnight at school we have been very busy as usual. We have enjoyed a couple of music rehearsals where we practised our year 3 songs, tea party songs and whole school carols. Unfortunately, on Monday with the school closed, our events didn't go ahead. However, with the rescheduled performance now being on Tuesday, on the school playground, we hope you can join us with some festive songs. Singing outside as such a large ensemble is a Crabtree first for many of us so please wrap up warm and come join us, but perhaps bring tissues as the songs are definitely 'crowd pleasers'.
Although we have been singing, the rest of the curriculum hasn't slowed down at all. In Maths we have been working hard on fractions. We can draw them, recognise them, count forwards and backwards in them, find fractions of numbers like a 1/4  of 16 and also when the numerator is a non-unit like 3/5 of 15. Why not ask your child these questions to see how they tackle them?

1. 2   of    12  =                              2.      3   of  20  =          3.   5  of    40  =
    3                                                          5                                8

In English we have had lots of fun doing a unit called 'Take a book'. We used a book called the Hodgeheg as a stimulus and write a diary entry from the adventurous Hedgehogs point of view and then we wrote a non fiction text, a newspaper, reporting on how hedgehogs are becoming more scarce and are now protected.

Here is Cormac's opening paragraph
Hedgehogs usually hibernate between mid November and mid March but the mild winter means many may not have done so yet. With December, the wettest month on research, the animals may struggle to find enough to eat as food supplies can be hard to find.

In Science we have just come to the end of our topic on Rocks and soils so we have been testing the children on their knowledge of the unit and going through any misconceptions. We hope they have really enjoyed the topic. Our next topic is Healthy bodies and the human skeleton where we talk about bones. Mrs Mercer will bring in her recent x-rays to show how easily bones can break!

As the term comes to an end we also finish our topic of the Egyptians, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. Why not ask them what their favourite bit of the Egyptians was? Why not have a go at this fun quiz and see if you can answer them all. (We haven't covered the Gods so they might need help on that one!)
Year 3 Egyptian quiz for fun

In Computing we have come to the end of our unit on Scratch and we think the children have enjoyed the challenges block coding brings, although it has been a tricky unit.

We have two school days left this term and still lots to enjoy. We have the Christmas Pantomime on Monday, Dick Whittington and our alfresco carol concert on Tuesday, which we hope to see many of you at. For those of you that are unable to make it we will endeavour to record snippets and Blog them if possible.

Please pass our apologises onto any Grandparents that were disappointed that our tea party didn't go ahead, the inclement British weather has a lot to answer for.

Enjoy your weekend
The year 3 team

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