Sunday, 21 May 2017

What's been going on in year 3?

The children in year three are thoroughly enjoying the summer term. They get to go onto the field most play times and during PE they get to enjoy the summer sports. We have seen many more children attain their pen licence and there is a buzz of excitement about what to expect for Eisteddfod next week!

In terms of the curriculum we have just completed an exciting unit of writing on persuasion and the children wrote a fantastic piece about 'Crabtree at the Weekend' and what activities it might offer. In their writing the children wrote imaginatively and with a proposal from some about a spa suite, even the teachers' were feeling tempted by the weekend retreat! We have now moved onto a narrative unit and we are using a text called 'The Caravan'. The story stimulus we have chosen is a warning story about staying safe and written by Pie Corbett. The story is a classic five part story and follows the structure of introduction, build up, problem, resolution and ending, that we would like the children to adopt. They have written each paragraph separately and including the grammar points we have suggested. We would looking for a combination of speech, descriptive techniques like expanded noun phrases and a variety of sentence types. Why not ask your son or daughter if they can tell you the three sentence types there are and why an author uses a variety?
Please find the story below if you would like to read it.

The Caravan by Pie Corbett

In Maths in Mrs Gaines and Mrs Mercer's class we have moved onto multiplication and division, which we will stay on for a couple of weeks to ensure we are confidence of both mental and written methods and know how to apply our skills to word problems. For word problems at Crabtree we use an approach called RUCSAC which means Read, Understand, Calculation used, Solve, Answer and Check. By using this approach the children are able to go step by step through what initially may appear a difficult problem but in small stages it is able to be tackled with confidence. In Mr Clifford's Maths class the children have been working on measuring and time.
A website called 'hit the button' please see the link below will help you child with times table practise, consolidation of number bonds and by using this site develop quicker mental methods.

Top marks fun games

In Music we are practising our songs that we are performing at the summer music festival, you are all in for a treat it is sounding brilliant.

In the creative curriculum we are still enjoying learning about the Anglo Saxons and this week we learnt about town names. We used atlases and maps to find places with Anglo-Saxons words like 'ford, bury and wood'. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing some research and discovering just how many towns still exist today with Anglo-Saxon influences on their names. Why not ask your children what towns near us have Anglo-Saxon names?

Please remember that the children have swimming on a Monday, this does continue after half term, so if you could send them in with a costume, a towel, a snack, a hat and goggles this would be brilliant. In addition to this, it is particularly helpful if the girls don't wear tights as it takes longer when changing.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at the summer concert, if not before.

The year 3 team

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